Be a part of SharedChain’s local supply chain
infrastructure partners and successful

With SharedChain’s patented bundled & shared fulfillment process, the operational costs of local supply chain service
partners will be dramatically reduced, and as a result, their profits margin will be significantly improved.

Micro Fulfillment Warehouse

- Local Warehouse & Service Center (WSC)

Do you have available space in your house, store or warehouse? Become SharedChain micro warehouse partner and earn extra income.

Many people are doing good e-commerce business in their house garage, store storage, or small warehouse space. With the support of SharedChain’s simple fulfillment warehousing process, you could also do the same and make extra income.

With 2,000 cu ft., you could make more than $2,000 a month.

SharedChain’s centralized communication system can easily consolidate business volume in the market. We will work only with a limited number of micro warehouse partners in a local market and secure more stable business volume for each of them.

You Will have nothing to lose; only fairly good extra money.

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Distribution & Transportation Center (DTC)

All business volume from manufacturers, producers, suppliers, national retailers, independent eStores, omni-channel retailers, and local retailers will be centralized to DTC, and this will generate a huge revenue for DTC.

DTC’s redistribution process is simple. Another main function of DTC is shipping products in lots to LPDCs. To minimize the shipping cost or even make more money, DTC will develop its own pick-up services with fee schedule for WSCs, and also LDCs that collect/pickup ordered products from local retailers’ storage.

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Local Pick-Up or Delivery Center (LPDC)

SharedChain will work only with a limited number of qualified partner LPDCs and seek to secure more business volume for each of them.

LDCs could generate more business and revenue with aggregated last-mile deliveries and pick-ups on same route. Many new last-mile pick-up and delivery applications could be easily created, especially for grocery and service industries.

LPC will be a key function for Omni-channel retail businesses. Moreover, it will also positively affect the valuation of a mall or shopping center property. Both Omni-channel retail companies and mall/shopping center property companies will need LPC to increase their business and their property value. LPC could be extended to a community retail & service marketplace center.

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