How to use SharedChain

Various Sellers

(Manufacturers, Suppliers, Producers, National Retailers, Independent eStore, Omni-channel Retailers, and Local Retailers)

  • Sign up as a new user (Supplier, Seller, Local Retailers), and set up your own sub-domain or customized eStore or integrate your Existing eCommerce site With SharedChain's standard Marketplace.
  • Create your product list for a local market on a SharedChain’s standard Marketplace
  • Connect with a SharedChain’s micro fulfillment warehouse – You don’t need to construct your own individual supply chain networks any longer.
  • Pre-ship your products in lots (Estimated weekly sales volume, recommended) to the warehouse. As soon as the warehouse receives your products, your product list will be automatically activated, not only on a SharedChain’s standard Marketplace but also on your own sub-domain or customized eStore, or your own integrated eCommerce site.
  • Local customers (local retailers or final customers) can place orders from any SharedChain standard marketplace, SharedChain partner eStores, eMarketplaces, or eCommerce sites.
  • The ordered products available in the local warehouse could be fulfilled and delivered to customers by SharedChain’s fast bundled & shared local delivery system.
  • Customers can pick up the products at a local pick-up center for free or receive them at home by a local delivery center for an affordable last-mile delivery cost.
sign up as a new user (supplier, Seller or local retailer)

How SharedChain Works for Customers

  • All prices on SharedChain’s system (both SharedChain’s standard marketplaces and partners’ eStores/eMarketplaces) are made at local pick-up or delivery centers (LPDCs), including all delivery costs.
  • The offered prices for a product are the same as those in the same local market. Moreover, all orders from a customer are processed in the same cart, and the ordered products are automatically aggregated to the LPDC that a customer designates.
  • Customers can pick up their aggregately ordered products at a local pick-up center for free, or get home delivery by a local delivery center for an affordable last-mile delivery cost. (E.g.: For dry goods products, the last-mile delivery cost is simply $5 for an order, no matter how many items are purchased in the order. Last-mile delivery for one item or hundreds of different items will have the same cost for an order. For wet & natural products, $7, and for frozen products, $8.)

Special Sweepstakes Event

As a startup business, there are not many product choices in the beginning. To support our customers for local delivery, we will offer a sweepstake. Every three-month in 2020 we will collect the purchase numbers of local delivery customers and draw one first winner, two second winners, and five third winners. The first winner will get $1,000 in cash, the second $500 each, and the third $200 each.

The Operation of Warehouse & Service Center (WSC)

  • A warehouse will receive orders for the products from multiple providers in its warehouse.
  • Print out the barcode labels for the orders received by 5 pm. Separate (or lump-sum pick) the ordered products in volume from the inventory.
  • Put the printed barcode labels on each ordered product. (No individual packaging is required.)
  • Ship all of the barcode labeled products in lots to a DTC by 12 am the same day.

The Operation of Distribution & Transportation Center (DTC)

  • A DTC will receive the barcode labeled products from multiple warehouses by 12 am the same day.
  • The barcode labeled products will be sorted in LPDCs.
  • The sorted products in LPDCs will be delivered to each LPDC by 7 am the next day.

The Operation of Local Pick-Up or Delivery Center (LPDC)

  • A LPDC will receive the barcode labeled products, sorted for its LPDC, by 7 am the next day.
  • The received products will be sorted in customers and bagged.
  • Print out the delivery labels for each customer and put them on each bag.
  • The bags for customer pick-up will be temporarily held in the LPC.
  • The bags for delivery will be delivered to customers during the day.
  • For the proof of delivery, the delivery man will take a picture for each delivery and send it to the system.
Free Membership Fee and
Free Product Listing Fee for the first year